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Environmental Insurance 

Environmental insurance is a complex line of coverage characterized by customized policies that lack industry standardization. There are over 100 different environmental insurance policies available for sale. The specialists at ARMR.NET, LLC match the insurance needs of the customer to the available insurance products. Our employees are experienced in dealing with the routine environmental insurance placements as well as developing solutions for the more complex transactions.

Custom Crafted 

Insurance Programs
Environmental Service Firms
GL/CPL/Professional/Auto/Work Comp all with a single A+ rated carrier The best solution for the insurance needs of any firm who provides environmental services including engineers, contractors and transporters.
Cleaning & Restoration Contractors
This is a combined GL/CPL/Professional policy form custom designed for the unique insurance needs of fire and water damage restoration contractors.
Contaminated Drywall
Exclusive Environmental Warranty coverage to remediate insured properties, includes true environmental liability coverage as well remediation expenses. Complete Liability insurance packages for drywall remediation contractors are available
Property Transfer
Environmental liabilities can be ring fenced and taken off the table in property transfers with a package of environmental insurances
Wisconsin Farms Environmental Insurance Program
Exclusive coverage for Wisconsin Farms.
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  • Contractor's Pollution Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • General Liability Packages` Transportation
  • Bailees
  • Workers Compensation
  • Environmental Impairment Insurance
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Loss Portfolio Buy-Outs
  • Fixed Price Remediation
  • Environmental Wrap-Ups
  • Mergers & Acquisitions And Several More


What Is Environmental Insurance

Environmental insurance is needed to fill the insurance coverage gaps which are created by common exclusions for any loss in anyway related to the emission discharge release or escape of a wide range of irritants or contaminants including pollutants/mold/fungus/bacteria/asbestos/lead in virtually all forms of property and liability insurance. Pollution exclusions have never been limited to only hazardous waste, the effects of water losses in buildings are commonly excluded today through the fungus and bacteria exclusions.


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Why Choose Us

ARMR.NET, LLC provides valuable wholesale access to all the major environmental underwriters. Our exceptionally qualified staff can quickly and efficiently evaluate the environmental insurance for: Contractors, Property Owners, Consultants, Etc.

ARMR.NET, LLC and David Dybdahl are widely recognized for their expertise in the area of environmental risk management. David has served on the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Contractor Indemnification Technical Review Panel and provided technical information on environmental insurance issues to the United States Department of Defense and Department of Energy. In his 25 year career he has successfully placed insurance programs on many of the world's toughest environmental risks including developing the first environmental insurance policies for Superfund contractors, placing the first wrap up insurance programs on the US Department of Energy's nuclear weapons facilities at Hanford, Washington and Oak Ridge, Tennessee and insuring the remediation of Chernobyl.

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Course Offered:

An Agents Guide to Pollution/Mold/Bacteria Exclusions and Environmental Insurance

This class is not a boring lesson on mold! Instead this is information that will help you educate and ensure your clients are covered when it comes to environmental insurance! Request this course for your agency today!