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Restoration Contractors Insurance Program Product Description

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American Risk Management Resources Network, LLC is the leading wholesale insurance broker specializing in liability insurance for restoration contractors. With the introduction of the universal mold exclusion, insurance and risk management for the restoration contractor became very complex. We have exceptionally qualified brokers working in offices coast to coast to assist you. Please contact us directly or through you insurance agent. Call Today to talk to one of our exceptionally qualified brokers.


Commercial Liability Insurance Including Environmental Liability & Contractors Pollution Insurance Covering Mold

  • We offer our customized insurance packages through local insurance agents in all fifty states.
  • We know your business and your insurance needs.
  • We offer coverage from all the leading insurance companies.
The liability insurance packages we offer combines Commercial General Liability insurance with Contractors Pollution Liability and Professional Liability insurance including coverage for fungus/mold related claims into a single policy. Combining the coverage parts into a single policy and sharing the same limits of liability saves premium dollars. The package policy also facilitates settling claims in the event of a loss pertaining to more than one line of coverage.

The professional liability coverage part in our package policy is generally not available in the insurance market place to restoration contractors; for firms with degreed professionals on staff this coverage part is an important part of the insurance package.

The insurance program is being provided by A M Bests “A”, insurance companies.

Although, most restoration contractors have not envisioned themselves in the past as providers of “Environmental Services”, the advent of universal mold exclusions and their work with water and drying in the indoor environment have moved Restoration Contractors into the realm of Environmental Contractors for insurance purposes. A white paper on The New Insurance Reality od Restoration Contractors is available that explains these changes.

Restoration Contractors Insurance Program Specifications

Contractors Pollution Liability

Available as a single product. Minimum premium $2,500

Additional Insureds

The contractor’s customers can automatically be named as additional insureds on the General liability and Contractors Pollution Liability policies.
A special endorsement has been crafted to add third party claims administrators and property insurance companies as additional insureds on the policy. Our insurance packages are acceptable to all the major franchises and networks.

Resources For Restoration Contractors

Insurance Specifications for Water Restoration and Mold Contractors

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